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The Tour de Ville Restaurant at the Delta Centre-Ville


I made this time lapse video during a visit to The Tour de Ville Restaurant at the Delta Centre-Ville.

Zeke Dot Com Visits La Champagnerie


An interview I did earlier this summer with Hatim Chahid of La Champagnerie.

Pierre Dorion Talking About his Exhibit at the Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal


Last November I had the chance to interview Pierre Dorion about the exhibit he had at the Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal and about his practice. I was finally able to finish editing it over the holidays. If you have a spare 37 minutes to watch, I think hope you might like it.

or if you prefer YouTube to

Either way I’d suggest watching it on a fullscreen as the native resolution is 1280 x 720, and it was filmed in HD.

Atlas PyroVision Productions’ “Pyro Fantasia” July 31, 2012, reviewed


A while ago, I went to see Atlas PyroVision Productions’ “Pyro Fantasia” which was part of L’International des Feux Loto-Qubec presented by Telus. July 31, 2012 to be exact. I was finally able to get all the technology working as it should, and this is my review.

or if you prefer watching on YouTube…

Then finally if you would like to see a collage I made of the four videos I was able to find of the performance, click here.

Time Lapse Video of the Montreal Sky on Monday August 6, 2012


Taken from various vantage points around the city

The Montreal Burger Report Visits The Nouveau Palais, the video


A short video I made about the hamburgers at The Nouveau Palais.

The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha by Mitchell F Chan


Bonus points if you can identify what letters are being made.