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Two articles on Public Art


Last week it seemed like forgotten public art was all the rage. Both François Cardinal in La Presse and Emmanuel Delacour from QMI wrote articles about Fonte modulaire by Robert Roussil and Iris by Raoul Hunter respectively.

If anyone is looking for other forgotten public art that has fallen into disrepair. I got a short list: Mastodo by Charles Daudelin, Forces by Claude Theberge, Jackie Robinson by Jules Lasalle, Comme si le temps… de la rue by Pierre Granche, Stained Glass by Alfred Pellan at the Bar Pellan in Place des Arts, Girafes by Robert Roussil, Affinité by Hans Schleeh, Trialogue by Hans Schleeh, Trente Deux Fois Passera La Derniere S’Envolera by Pierre Granche.

David Giral’s photo of Affinité by Hans Schleeh is not likely to be a ‘hot’ seller…


As many of you might already know, my crank gets turned by public art. So much so, that I’ve even tried to make a map of it here in town

View Public Art in Montreal in a larger map

Anyways I was real happy to see that this guy, David Giral, had taken some pictures of public art in town. And I was especially happy to see that he was taking pictures of some of the more obscure public art in town such as Affinité by Hans Schleeh. Which just might be the most obscure piece of public art in town.

<em data-recalc-dims=Affinité by Hans Schleeh, photo by David Giral” title=”Affinité by Hans Schleeh, photo by David Giral” width=”372″ height=”560″ class=”size-large wp-image-2673″ />
Affinité by Hans Schleeh, photo by David Giral

But I digress, as David Giral’s website is so obviously set up to sell his pictures, I naturally clicked on some links wanting to get an idea of how much he wanted for an 8×10, or something along those lines. So I clicked on the “buy image” button, and the first thing I was asked to do was to “Select a usage region.” After that I was asked to answer seven (7!) other questions via drop down menus. None of them offering a simple 8×10. But that’s not my problem, M. Giral only wants to sell to businesses. Which is fine. But if he really thinks that there is someone somewhere who wants a five-year worldwide license (and once I clicked on worldwide, it still asked me for a “sub-region”) to display his photo of Affinité by Hans Schleeh on one JumbroTron (doesn’t he know that they stopped making them in 2001?) and is willing to give him $3,059.28 (why not an even $3K?) I have some swampland in Florida that he might just be interested in purchasing from me…

And if I am wrong and there is some sucker who wants to pay more than $3,000 for the permission to display David Giral’s photo of Affinité by Hans Schleeh, I want to know how much is he paying in royalties to Schleeh Design? Who I think is the company that owns the rights to Affinité by Hans Schleeh.