De la rue aux etoiles – The Eva Blue photographs


My friend Eva Blue takes much better pictures than I could ever hope to do. This is her batch from Wednesday night’s burger challenge.

Kitchenette‘s Chicken Fried Chili Cheeseburger with roasted peppers.

le boucan
Le Boucan‘s jalapeño smoked burger. A Stuffed smoked jalapeño wrapped in bacon and served in a bun with homemade condiments.

Le Jolifou‘s smoked apple wood salmon with sweet cherry bomb pepper crystals and an aioli chipotle sauce.

chez l'epicier
Chez l’Épicier‘s double burger of seasoned duck and foie gras with figs.

Pintxo‘s foie gras burger.

le st-urbain
Le St-Urbain‘s osso bucco burger. A braised veal shank burger on a smoked duck fat and pecorino bun.

le grain de sel
Le Grain de Sel‘s mini boudin burger with banana chutney, aioli, chocolate and ancho chiles.

Barroco‘s pork and truffle burger. Braised pork served on a homemade bun, topped with peppercorn pecorino cheese and a truffle and cauliflower remoulade.

Bice‘s Angus beef and mozzarella burger.

Café Ferreira‘s spicy three meat burger with Serra cheese on a Portuguese bun.

burger judges
Me looking pregnant with the other judges and MC after eating all ten “burgers.” From left-to-right; Jean-Philippe Tastet, Ryk “E Coli” Edelstein, yours truly with the eight month-old belly, Lesley Chesterman (looking lovely as usual) and Anne-Marie Withenshaw.

the montreal burger report
Discussing the finer points of cooked ground beef…

And there are tons more here.