Female Landscape by Gerald Gladstone at Place Ville Marie


Built in 1972 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the building of Place Ville Marie, in French the name is Presence Feminine. The water jets are on a four minute cycle, and more information about Gerald Gladstone can be found here.

One thought on “Female Landscape by Gerald Gladstone at Place Ville Marie”

  1. While it is not entirely aesthetically dis-pleasing, the resemblance to some kind of sea creature, such as a porpoise or small whale is not unentirely inoffensive (not to mention the beheaded-ness …). Yes, it adds to the ‘old meets new’ look and draws on certain art historical tropes of the headless torso in sculpture, I must write that there is something vaguely offensive about this art work. It is entirely of its time–(late 1960s, 70s) but in 2011 the disembodied female torso floating against a Montreal background … is … yech. I do think it is pretty though! Great series on fountains, so thanks!

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