Grier Edmundson’s work in the Quebec Triennial


The museum got the name of the show from Grier
As it references “work,” my initial thoughts were dire
But I figured what the heck and took a flyer
After going through it all and thinking about it lots, I’d like to say it is something I admire.
Unfortunately I can’t, although there are some individual pieces I’d like to acquire.
Given the state of contemporary Quebecois art, if some ads are c******, I might actually be able to become a buyer

Being forced to slog through so much mediocre art
At times made me want to depart
I would have liked to have written “be still my heart.”
Instead of feeling like I was wandering through Walmart
Where everything isn’t chosen because it is good, but sometimes because of a prompt.
In three years if it isn’t better, I’m going to try and again upset the applecart.

Mr. Edmundson’s mirror cube is kinda of nice, but it ain’t no Anish Kapor
The paintings of birds and sleeping children on a Ronald Reagan wallpaper
Are fine and dandy, but once I leave the installation, my memory of them dissipates like vapor
Trying to understand the Quebec Triennial is like some mystery caper
Do you think that there’s any connection to Mad Men and/or Dan Draper?
As for rhymes it’s obvious I need my barrel bottom scraper.