Massimo Guerrera, La Réunion des Pratiques


Where do I start?
If I was smart,
I would toe the party line and call it art.
But me and Massimo are world’s apart,
On what we think is visual art.

He sticks a bunch of objects in a space
(Personally I think it’s a disgrace)
And leaves a schedule of when he’ll be there.
Not nice and completely unfair,
To lead workshops and talks
I think Massimo is completely self-absorbed.

It’s one thing to show off a collection
But I can I raise an objection,
To insist that it only can be understood
In his presence.
Since I’m not Massimo I could
Talk about its irrelevance.

But that would require another stanza,
I don’t think I can be that extravaganza,
Even if my ex father-in-law came from Panza
As he would say, “enough’s enough” (really “Basta!”)