Montreal Completement Cirque – Les Sept Doigts de la Main in Séquence 8


Last week I was invited to the press conference for Montreal Completement Cirque. It was a grand affair and lots of fun. This is what you can look forward to…

From July 5 to July 15 Les Sept Doigts de la Main will be doing their latest show called Séquence 8, tickets go from $19.95 to $59.95 (including all taxes and service charges). The show features Eric Bates doing some cigar box juggling

The video was filmed behind La Cabane on Saint Laurent

Maxim Laurin and Ugo Dario doing something called Korean Board.

Colin Davis and Devin Henderson doing some acrobatic stuff with what’s called Chinese Circles.

Camille Legris and Tristan Nielsen doing hand to hand work while suspended (unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any video of that).

Alexandra Royer doing some general acrobatics (I couldn’t find anything on her – but I was able to find a video of Eric Bates, Tristan Nielsen and Alexandra Royer doing some Russian Bar stuff, so I would guess there is going to be some of that too.

And if you’re interested the promotional video for the show, try this one.

2 thoughts on “Montreal Completement Cirque – Les Sept Doigts de la Main in Séquence 8”

  1. This is the best festival in the city! AND they invited you to their press conference, and proibably gave you a press kit, too, didn’t they?

    1. Howdy!

      Guilty as charged. And there are a couple of shows that appear to be very interesting. July is coming fast.

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