Yet another example of Canadian art not getting any respect


Somethings just never change. Yesterday the news “broke” about a painting of Jacob Zuma with, as Lynda Polgreen of the New York Times writes, “his genitals exposed.” Apparently it’s annoying some people.

Over on this side of the border, Openfile (yeah, that’s right, so mainstream that you’re excused if you’ve never heard of them before) and the Kingston Whig-Standard are the only news outlets reporting on a painting of Stephen Harper, as the Whig-Standard puts it, “nude.”

Last month it was The Google Art Project not including any Canadian museums, and the farther back you go the worse it is. I have a bunch of ideas as to why this might be the case. They range from Canadian art is no good, to Canadian museums and galleries don’t know how to “do” global, to no one other than me cares. In Toronto and Vancouver they’re content with contemporary art sales that go bust and here in Quebec they’re content to take the government’s money. But jeez! it’s getting frustrating.