L’épicerie on Fancy Fast Food Hamburgers


I don’t know why it blipped on my radar yesterday but this YouTube video of a three year-old episode from the Radio-Canada TV show L’épicerie on Fancy Fast Food Hamburgers was brought to my attention.

They did regular and fancy burgers at A&W, McDonalds, Burger King and Harvey’s noting that in general the fancy burgers were bigger, more expensive, saltier and fattier than the regular burgers while not being significantly better tasting – however they did note that the fancy burger at A&W was slightly better than the regular one.

[Edit 9h25: What a difference 18 months will do, I kind of thought I had seen the episode before, but couldn’t find it anywhere on Zeke Dot Com, so thought I hadn’t written about it. But I was mistaken. I previously wrote about it on a different website, oops! Apologies for the duplication.]