The (Sort of, Kind of, Maybe) Adventurous Eater’s Guide to Montréal


Over at GQ, Jessie Cacciola mails in a fluff piece ostensibly an interview with Fred Morin and Dave McMillan on “cool” things in Montreal.

Unfortunately there are some mistakes. 1a. Wilensky’s serves more than a special. 1b. Yes you can get a special without cheese. 2. Someone in their graphics department decided that the Lasalle Rapids and the jetboating are in Old Montreal, when Dave specifically is quoted as saying “They have jet boating in Old Montréal, but you want to go to LaSalle.” 3. It’s Saint Henri, not Saint Henry, just like it’s David McMillan, not David MacMillan.

Then I’m kind of disappointed, they didn’t mention Au Cinquieme Peche for the seal, Bratwurst Colbeh for the brain sandwich, Chez Boris where you can get savory doughnuts, Chez Bouffe for the offal, Brisket’s for the seventeen different types of ground meat you can get as a hamburger, Dad’s Bagels for the 24/7 Indian food, Lawrence for just about anything on their menu, Paul Patates for the spruce beer, Pierrette Patates for the Michigo, Tripoli’s for the octopus and that’s just off the top of my head.

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  1. How about the la7me nayye (beef tartar) with garlic sauce from Abou Elias in VSL? Talk about extreme food!

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