The January 2014 Montreal Restaurant List


To quote Sly Stone, “Heard Ya Missed Me, Well I’m Back.

Montreal Restaurant Collage
Montreal Restaurant Collage

Let’s start the year off slow and easy with yet another new list of Montreal Restaurants. As per normal, one side is the tried and true establishments, worthy of multiple visits. The flip side is my list of places that have caught my eye for whatever reason, and that I’ve noted in order to not forget to try them out.

As a special added bonus, there are smaller “sub” lists of great terraces, awesome places to have a drink, where to eat when you’re underground, and some stores that are particularly noteworthy due to the type of food they sell.

For those of you that are interested the previous versions of the list have been downloaded more than 8,700 times since 2012.

And finally, Elatos, Moonshine BBQ, and Scarpetta were the restaurants that graduated from the To Try side to the Done and Worth Going back side.