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Claudie Gagnon, Tableaux


Claudie Gagnon makes videos of paintings
But unless you really know your art history all you’re doing is feigning
“That one is like Munch’s The Scream
Some others are vaguely familiar, like in a dream.

Did Ms. Gagnon see them live or just in a book?
If live, I wonder how long it took?
One thing I find most out of place
In (To Beauty) the drummer is wearing black-face

I wonder if I made a tableaux vivant of Pastourelle à Vallangoujard that was kétaine
If they would put it in a museum or call me a bad comedian
Perhaps if I were to take a deep breath and count to ten
And close my eyes it won’t happen again.

But I really should give Ms. Gagnon props
According to the public she’s the tops.
She won the Coup de coeur du public Loto-Québec
I imagine she really liked the $10,000 check.