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François Lemieux’s work in La Triennale Québécoise


His website is hosted at The Discriminating Gentleman’s Club
His art looked like a shrub.
A borrowed plant, dumped in a borrowed tub.

Two letters on a wall
To call it art is an order that’s tall
Even here in Montreal

I don’t know who signed off on this
Not even close to a hit, definitely a miss.
I don’t know if I can come up with a stronger dis.

Frédéric Lavoie, A l’affut & A l’ecoute


I don’t think that M. Lavoie uses thirty-aught six
Out in the wild you where need lots of tricks
His camera work is suberb
It’s a pity that the word “great” isn’t a verb.

Making bird calls that sound like flutes
It’s animals that his video camera shoots
Taxidermy it ain’t
Nonetheless it’s quaint

A rarity and a surprise
A four channel video instalation
That I don’t depise


Mathieu Latulippe, Nouvelles Aventures


Making a shrine
Making it shine
Nouvelles Aventures by Mathieu Latulippe is mighty fine.
He’s taken some things and made them combine.

You look at it/them and you make up a story
In this case where someone gets the glory
Not quite improvised, more ex tempore
Because of the roses, the safe and all the other inventory.

Kind of like structured child’s play
I’m not certain what M. Latulippe wants to convey
But that’s alright, I’m quite happy using my immagination to figure out what he wants to portray.
Next time, instead of a boat, perhaps a cabriolet.

Fabienne Lasserre’s work at La Triennale Québécoise


Ms. Lasserre makes weird objects
Some with, some without latex.
Not quite sculpture, they definitely aren’t cast
On the floor, they were easily passed.
She also didn’t use a chisel or a mold
In a smaller space they be much more bold.

That’s one of the things about such a large exhibition
Pieces end up placed in juxtaposition
Which makes it hard
To concentrate unless you’re always on guard
But in all fairness
it’s really tough for four hours to keep up that level of awareness.

Stéphane La Rue, Mouvement No. 4: Futur anterior


Folded paper with colored shapes
Viewing this art there are no escapes.
Purely mechanical
Might be tyrannical.
A visual experiment
That’s not insignificant.

Haiku would be a better poetic form to use
But since all the others are in rhyme, it would only confuse
You, nor make you smile
Or groan, and that’s not my style.
But back to the art of M. La Rue,
To Quebecois Art History he is true
More Borduas than Lemieux.

Valérie Kolakis, Small Flowers Crack Concrete


I know Valerie so I’m going to have to choose my words
As carefully as if I were a Turk amongst the Kurds
Her piece of art has some cool curved glass
And some other stuff, that according to the catalogue, relates to her pasts
Although I can be very sardonic
Because they use the word “architectonic.”

It did not speak to me in a significant way
After thinking long and hard, I’m not clear on what she is trying to say.
Getting glass to curve, though is really cool
It’s not something easily learned in school.
On second thought I might be making a mountain out of a molehill
Because I’m worried about treading on what’s personal.

Thomas Kneubühler, Under Currents


Viewing Under Currents I think of sustainability,
The pictures themselves are of a power generating facility.
The constant buzz engenders a false sense of tranquility,
If I were really living near there, they might have caused my sterility.

Political art is usually fun,
Doing it well is easier said than done.
Bad out numbers good, two to one.
Mr. Kneubühler’s is almost as good as a poem by John Donne.

The catalogue offers some fluff
Talking about ambiguous boundaries, the sublime and other stuff
After 43 words I’ve read enough
To be able to write this off the cuff.

Chris Kline, Divider and 31C14


Not much to see or say here
Probably more interesting to talk with Mr. Kline over a beer.
Abstract art that’s fairly austere
The theory and concept aren’t exactly clear.

Akin to a rock garden or a reflecting pool,
Buddhist monks probably think his paintings are cool.
To make one he probably expended 10,000 kilojoules.
It is extremely obvious he graduated from art school.

Apparently you’re supposed to look at them closely,
(I can think of hundreds of other things I’d like to do mostly)
This is the kind of art that gets hung as a trophy,
I’ve been told he did well in the RBC/Canadian Art Competition, anecdotally.

A piece of art by Mark Igloliorte in this year’s Quebec Triennale


I‘m not certain how to pronounce his name
But his art is just like a game.
Two different paintings that are almost the same.
I wonder why he didn’t put them in a frame.

The subject matter is commonplace
Of things, there isn’t a single face.
Two different views of an object someplace.
A better poem would be written about them by Jorge Luis Borges.

Done on paper torn from a telephone book
Once you stop and see you’re guaranteed a second look
I’m can’t decide if that’s the bait or the hook
But there must be people out there who think that this is just gobbledygook.

Jim Holyoak and Matt Shane, Quagmire


A room sized drawing of a swamp
These two gentlemen are not going to be as well known as Duchamp.
They should have painted directly on the walls just like En Masse
Drawing on paper, in this case is just kind of crass.

Doing it on a fixed medium
Is just like defeatism.
It’s neither about the process
Nor a metamorphosis.

Just another drawing that’s big
If I spent some time and started to dig
I’m certain I could find something interesting
But to be honest that sort of stuff really isn’t my thing.