Marie Chouinard, Danses Buissonnières, Alvin Ailey


Episode 113: [59:36](Download: MP3 73MB, Flac 306MB, Ogg Vorbis 44MB or Stream)

In this episode Chris ‘Zeke’ Hand, Gwen Fisher and Rachel Ni Chuinn talk about dance in Montreal. Among the topics are; part 8 of an 11 part round table discussion from Circuit Est on Music and Dance with Guy Cools, Danièle Desnoyers, Louis Dufort, Matteo Fargion, José Navas and Fabienne Cabado. A discussion of Marie Chouinard‘s PowerPoint presentation, the graduates Danses Buissonnières performance at Tangente, and part 3 of an interview with Alvin Ailey done by Billie Mahoney in 1984. The Dance Poem of the Week is Every Day we are Dancers by Mitch Roberson and the theme song is performed by T-Rex.

Originally published on Movement Museum