Les Imprudanses, Gravel Works, The Sadari Movement Laboratory, Michael Trent, Dancemakers


Episode 240: [60:01]
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In this episode Chris ‘Zeke’ Hand, Jenn Doan and Bettina Forget talk about and review recent performances by Les Imprudanses, Gravel Works, Woyzeck by The Sadari Movement Laboratory, It’s about time : 60 dances in 60 minutes by Michael Trent and Dancemakers.

The theme song of the week is The Ramones‘ version of Do You Want to Dance, the dance poem of the week is Danse Russe by William Carlos Williams, This Week in Dance History highlights Trisha Brown‘s 74th birthday, and the music played during the show is from Barry Romberg’s Random Access‘ CD The Gods Must Be Smiling.

Originally published on Movement Museum