Chris ‘Zeke’ Hand on Sylvain Baumann and Florine Leoni’s Maleen, ich beneide Dich in manchen Augenblicken um Deine kühle, vornehme und bewusste Distanz zur Umwelt.


A video in German projected on something like a maze.
Completely incomprehensible no matter what he says.
I didn’t stick around for any replays.

Living in Montreal it helps to bilingue
Speaking two languages is part of the local Sturm und Drang
But dreisprachig just makes my brain hang.

Reading the catalogue it “probes porosity, problematizing the relationship between model and reality.
A sentence that only someone with a PhD in art history could write and love
Reading it makes my mind wander and removes all vitality
After looking at it for hours I think I understand the phrase, sort of.