José Navas, Personae


About two weeks ago I saw José Navas’ Personae. Since I’ve been on a poetry jag for a while, I wasn’t quite certain how I would write about it in humorous verse. But then it occurred to me, instead of humorous verse, I could write a sonnet.

Sonnets are not easy.

And this isn’t a sonnet either. It’s got four too many lines, the meter is all over the place. It also probably could be helped with some judicious editing. But instead of having it hanging over my head, like so many other things, I made the executive decision to get it out.

I have no idea if there are still tickets, but he’s still performing it at the Cinquieme Salle until the 28th.

José Navas sits quietly before
Dancing solo in his piece personae.
It is constructed in six parts not four.
Saw it at Cinquieme Salle not Corona.

The first image to try and remember
Are the amazing muscles on his back.
After watching I hope it will recur
A great way to start, we’re on the right track.

Arms waving, arms moving, return to start.
Next part is a divinely danced salsa.
Channeling Merce is deep in his heart.
The next one borders on erotica.

Some swaying and impressive pirouettes
Wolf’s head and noises like a panting dog
Water over rocks as good as it gets.
His moves a triumph of the analog.

Small vignettes, tiny, precious, intimate.
Danced with grace, I’d call them/him passionate.

2 thoughts on “José Navas, Personae”

  1. I’ve been impressed by your poetry jag
    It’s no mean feat to mix the art with verse
    But when I thought you had it in the bag
    Things took a drastic turn, and for the worse

    A tale of dance has got you all undone
    You’re taking licence even with the rhymes
    You might have thought this structure would be fun
    But then the French think that about their mimes

    So no, the metre is not your plaything
    It stands up and demands respect: its due
    It watches as you write on prayer and wing
    But in the end it has to say to you:

    A sonnet’s all about the scheme and pace
    (I just thought I’d throw that in your face)

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