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Sophie Bélair Clément, Proun Room


A box in a box with some sense of history
Sometimes Russian Constructivism is just a mystery.
What El Lissitzky did in 1923 might be obvious to some
Since I had to look it up, it’s obvious that I’m just plain dumb.

A copy of a copy of a room filled with abstract symbols, the room Proun
When stripped of the art, might as well be a ruin.
To see the original copy you need to go to Eindhoven
I can’t figure out why the copy of the copy (without the art) was chosen.

Trying to understand who made what choices to exhibit and why
Sometimes it looks like demand was less than supply.
Thankfully in the Triennale there’s a awful lot of art all in one place
There’s always more to see (that could be better) in the worst case.