Les leçons singulières (volet 1) by Michel Goulet


Made in 1992 by Michel Goulet. It’s one of my favorite fountains in town, however over the past 19 years it has settled somewhat and as a consequence is no longer level. Hence, the water streaming off of the northern end of the map, and being rather desert-like on the southern end.

There are eight chairs that are also part of this piece of public art, and if you continue walking to Parc Lafontaine, you will run into part two.


+This is the 16th in an occasional series of videos on the fountains of Montreal+

2 thoughts on “Les leçons singulières (volet 1) by Michel Goulet”

  1. Where is this? I presume when you mention Parc Lafontaine that you are talking about the chairs on the west side of the park overlooking the large pond, but I can’t place the fountain.

    1. Howdy!

      Les leçons singulières (volet 2) are the chairs with the things underneath them and the relief map of Parc Lafontaine at the corner or Roy and Parc Lafontaine. Les leçons singulières (volet 1) are the abstract chairs and map of the world at Place Roy, on rue Roy in between Saint Christophe and Saint Andre a couple of blocks west of the park itself. The two installations themselves make sense and support each other (local vs. global, etc) each on on its own can leave you scratching your head.

      And if you happen to have an extra $2.5 million, the building in front of Les leçons singulières (volet 1) is for sale.

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