I’m not a fan of custom ice


Thankfully the whole “Custom Ice” movement hasn’t hit Montreal, yet. Unfortunately, sure as the sun rises in the east, it will. Custom Ice being the term of preference for non-generic ice cubes used in making cocktails. Things like big ice cubes hand carved from a Clinebell Ice Making Machine, or big ice cubes made in a Kold-Draft Ice Making machine, or Ice Nuggets from a Scotsman Ice Making machine.

While I can appreciate and understand the differences between different types of ice and how they will affect a beverage, ultimately it comes down to what you’re actually drinking and what your personal preferences are. Kind of like an artist insisting that only on frame maker can make the frames for their paintings.

I bring this up, because Elizabeth Gunnison over at Esquire’s Eat Like a Man interviewed Jim Meehan owner of PDT and the first James Beard Award for Outstanding Bar Program about Custom Ice.