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Elizabeth Seyler, Jeanne Renaud


Episode 222: [62:18]
(Download: MP3 67MB, Flac 623MB, Ogg Vorbis 38MB or Stream)

In this episode Chris ‘Zeke’ Hand, Bettina Forget and Allison Elizabeth Burns talk to Elizabeth Seyler about her research in and about Tango in Montreal and Philadelphia part three of the Jeanne Renaud interview from Visages de la Danse is played, and we welcome the newest member of the Movement Museum collective, Jenn Doan.

The theme song is the Die Strandjungs‘ version of Do You Want to Dance, the dance poem of the week is The Dance by Theodore Roethke, and the music played during the show is from the CD 82% Chance of Rain by The Andrew Oliver Sextet.


Originally published on Movement Museum