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Myriam Yates, Racetrack – Superstar – Ghost


Ms. Yates’ video is of Blue Bonnets being transformed
Before, during and after U2 performed
Long static shots
How do you connect if there are no dots?

Some interesting angles with some interesting views
Oddly compelling, I kept looking for clues.
It’s not the type of art I normally praise
But after looking at so much art, I might have been in a daze.

Ève K. Tremblay’s work in La Triennale Québécoise


Lots of pictures of people reading a book
Kinda interesting, thought provoking and worth a look.
Shoved in a corner
Now that Eve lives in New York, she’s a foreigner.

Slightly more than simple visual representation
There’s a theory that she uses as a foundation
For the basis of her works
If you scratch the surface you can see where it lurks

[The User], Quartet for Dot Matrix Printers


This one is a sham,
I guess there was a paper jam.
Speakers playing a recording
Is not very rewarding.

The real thing
Had some swing
Hearing and seeing the noises, squeaks and creaks
From four printers now considered antiques.

Justin Stephens, 14


Give me a break,
This one takes the cake
It must be a mistake.

Canvas scrap
On a pen cap
There’s an obvious rhyme here, but I’m not falling into that trap.

The catalogue has it prominently displayed
I think it is a big charade
Can I go back in time and have it unmade?

Charles Stankievech, Loveland


About Loveland, I’ve already written
But I can do more since I’m smitten
I wonder when filming, did Chuck wear mittens?

On the horizon a purple cloud
The audio starts quiet and gets quite loud
Tim Hecker should be proud.

Based on an early sci-fi book
Just like a Motown song, it’s got a killer hook
Mr. Stankievech is the opposite of a mook.

Séripop, Jusqu’au cou


It could be translated as “without a paddle”
For this art there is no line to straddle.
The propper translation of Jusqu’au cou
Should’ve been without a clue.

A bunch of construction paper tacked to a wall
And a bunch of paper tubes, that’s all.
Nothing serious,
Sort of ridiculous

Paper art when done well
Can compel.
Peter Callesen, Jen Stark,
Both make their mark.
Brian Dettmer, Richard Sweeney,
Both could be called genies.
Bert Simons, Guy Laramée
Will never be passe


François Morelli, Moon Walks


July 20, 1969 and March 25, 1983 are two dates.
Calling torn flags, moon walks is like tempting the fates.
On the first, Neil Armstrong jumped around on the moon,
On the second, Michael Jackson made an entire country swoon

Eight flags, wrapped around a shoe
And then walked on til they were worn through
Not exactly something that makes me go “oooh!”

I walked under them
I don’t know if I would go so far as to condemn.
More of a curiosity
Than an atrocity.

jake moore, aerie: clear channel


Fur covered balloon
And something like a cocoon.
I not sure I understand
Kind of bland.

I distinctly remember one not the other
jake’s a she, I wonder if she’s a mother?
An aerie is “the nest of a bird of prey”
I’m not sure what she’s trying to convey.

Clear Channel is a large corporation
Of fairly uniform radio stations
If it were a sporting event I would boo
The juxtapostion of the two.

Thérèse Mastroiacovo, Art Now


Art Now!
Scratch my brow.

Drawing covers from an art magazine
Could be called Philistine.
But also a smokescreen

Or a guise
Whatever that implies
About stuff being sensationalized.

Emmanuelle Léonard, Le Beau et le Laid Ecole secondaire Louise Trichet, Tetreaultville


The good, the bad and the ugly was a film with Clint Eastwood
It not exactly something a priest would
Do. Le beau et le laid is a series of single shots
Of high schools kids talking lots.

Teenagers talking
Means I’m walking.
I speak of priests since Marie-Louise Trichet founded the Filles de la Sagesse
Apologies, but I digress.

Twelve minute, black and white video on an endless loop
Personally I prefer the Marx Brothers’ Duck Soup.
Even if some of the kids were adorable
The audio part of the video was horrible