Sophia Salador and Emma Kroeker from the Just for Laughs festival


Sophia Salador and Emma Kroeker from the Just for Laughs festival

Episode 606 (21:28)

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In the run up to the Just for Laughs festival this week’s interviews are with Sophia Salador and Emma Kroeker. Ms. Salador is the Program Coordinator and Ms. Kroeker is the Industry Coordinator with the festival. Ms. Salador explains how she works with programming team, prepares schedules, time slots and the lineups for the various shows and galas. She studied film at university, and this is her third festival. When I asked about her future she responded that she really likes working aat Just for Laughs and would like to continue for a while. On the de rigueur question of who was her biggest influence Ms. Salador did the right thing, and gave serious props to her mom.

As for show recommendations, she suggested the OFF JFL shows such as Jerrod Carmichael and Nick Thune. She explains what she looks for in comedy and expresses a tinge of regret that Louis CK isn’t coming this year. (The transcript I mention is available here).

Ms. Kroeker knews two people who worked at Just for Laughs before she applied for her job because it was appealing working with industry people and wanted to learn more. In the past she volunteered at CUTV, worked with the Native Women’s shelter, went on the road with the Wu-Tang Clan, and ran a yoga and hiking retreat. She thinks it is great working at Just for Laughs because it is not a dry environment. her main gig is working as a liaison between the festival and the agents and the executives.

She’s looking forward to seeing the Russel Peters Gala and the New Faces of Comedy shows and overall likes the whole festival concept and atmosphere.

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The theme song is by Party People in a Can, and the background music is by Stealing Orchestra.

Then finally I’d like to give a big thanks to Michelle Aikman-Carter for helping organize all the interviews.