The EZ Montreal Art Podcast, Eve Sussman & Michel de Broin


In season two, episode nine of the EZ Montreal Art Podcast, Eloi Desjardins and Chris ‘Zeke’ Hand discuss the recent exhibits of Eve Sussman and Michel de Broin at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal.

The EZ Montreal Art Podcast: Eve Sussman and Michel de Broin

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Eve Sussman, photo courtesy Fort Worth Weekly
Eve Sussman, photo courtesy Fort Worth Weekly
Michel de Broin, photo courtesy Preevada
Michel de Broin, photo courtesy Preevada

To start off, since neither one of us really keeps serious track, we get the numbering completely wrong. Eloi states how he prefers a raw recording and Zeke goes along for the ride. The discussion begins in earnest with a list of shows that are happening during the summer.

After a couple of minutes of banter we finally get around to talking about the exhibits by Eve Sussman & Rufus Corporation and Simon Lee along with that by Michel de Broin. Zeke mentions how he thinks there are some missing pieces, while Eloi raves about Ms. Sussman’s previous work.

Zeke makes a joke. Zeke calls Michel de Broin disposable and is wrong in asserting that the Shared Propulsion Car was powered like the Finstones car. Eloi was right, it uses pedals. Zeke talks about how M. de Broin uses antique materials in Blowback. The two of them enumerate the works. Eloi calls them cute and witty. Then the conversation shifts to Eve Sussman. Eloi gives the back-story of the exhibit. Zeke states that he prefers to view each piece individually. While at the same time Zeke thinks that whiteonwhite is a masterpiece. Zeke reiterates what he likes and dislikes about video art. Eloi calls it complex and dense. Zeke asks a conceptual question.

Zeke realizes that everyone complains about attendance. Eloi brings up marketing. Zeke brings up the catalogues and gets confused. Eloi gets all personal and recounts a story. Zeke recounts a story from his interview with Alexandre Taillefer and explains why the catalogues are the way they are.

Things digress and Eloi tries to get to get some kind of ranking of the shows out of Zeke. Zeke explains how to view objet perdu. Eloi improvises a conclusion and Zeke asks Eloi for his rankings of the shows. The two of them talk about future plans and then finally the Trivia Question is asked.

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