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Nelson Henricks, 2287 Hz


Using physics for kicks to make contemporary art
When done badly it can break your heart.
Thankfully Nelson Henricks is almost as smart as Descartes.
If he wrestled, he would have beat Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

Twenty-Two eighty-seven hertz is a sound made by machine.
If you click here, you can hear what I mean.
Go to double high C, find D sharp continue to D you’ll find it half way in between.
As far as tones go, it’s fairly routine.

Mr. Henricks uses things like three video screens a turntable and an oscilloscope
To point out some facts, tell a story using a visual trope.
It really is quite good, I saw it early on and it gave me great hope
That viewing the Triennale would be easy and I wouldn’t become a misanthrope.

Sadly this wasn’t the case.
In a deck of cards, not every one can be an ace.
Looking for great Quebecois art will always be a chase
More a matter of the right time, than the right place.

Zeke’s Alternate Art Ramble on a bunch of things


Episode 124 [18:11]
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Chris ‘Zeke’ Hand rambling on about the art books he received and will be reviewing in the future, (Art et politique: Nouvelles formes d’engagement artistique au Québec by Ève Lamoureux; Visites privées: 15 intérieurs d’exception by Marie-France Léger, and Les folles vies de La Joute de Riopelle by Jacques Keable. MACM vs. UQAM, round 2, The lecture he saw, Art as Knowledge: The Unspeakable Subject of Hieronymus Bosch by Joseph Leo Koerner. The vernissages he went to on Saturday; Tu n’es pas ici at Galerie Maison Kasini and Nelson Henricks at VOX, centre de l’image contemporaine and and why he doesn’t enjoy vernissages. Along with a brief mention of the Sold / Vendu fundraiser for esse arts + opinions.

Originally broadcast on the Monday Morning After on CKUT 90.3 FM, Montreal.