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Zeke’s Alternate Art Ramble on a bunch of things


Episode 124 [18:11]
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Chris ‘Zeke’ Hand rambling on about the art books he received and will be reviewing in the future, (Art et politique: Nouvelles formes d’engagement artistique au Québec by Ève Lamoureux; Visites privées: 15 intérieurs d’exception by Marie-France Léger, and Les folles vies de La Joute de Riopelle by Jacques Keable. MACM vs. UQAM, round 2, The lecture he saw, Art as Knowledge: The Unspeakable Subject of Hieronymus Bosch by Joseph Leo Koerner. The vernissages he went to on Saturday; Tu n’es pas ici at Galerie Maison Kasini and Nelson Henricks at VOX, centre de l’image contemporaine and and why he doesn’t enjoy vernissages. Along with a brief mention of the Sold / Vendu fundraiser for esse arts + opinions.

Originally broadcast on the Monday Morning After on CKUT 90.3 FM, Montreal.

Zeke’s Alternate Art Interview with Ric Kadour


Episode 105 [17:50]
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Chris ‘Zeke’ Hand interviews Ric Kadour of Maison Kasini (and Kasini House) about opening a new art gallery in Montreal.

Originally published on Zeke’s Alternate Art #%^$#@!