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Zeke’s Montreal Restaurant List January 2020


New Year, new lists. In 2019 these were the place where I had memorable meals: Adamo, Bazarette, Beau Mont, Bouillon Bilk, Cabane a Sucre Au Pied de Cochon, Clarke Cafe, Chasse Galerie, Chien Fumant, Christina’s, Classic India, Confetti (RIP), Coq de L’Est, CQ Montagne, Cul Sec, Da Marco, Dinette Triple Crown, Le Diplomate, Le Flamant, Fortune (RIP), Le Fricot, Gia Ba, Gyro Boutique, H4C, Halal 786, Helicoptere, Hoogan & Beaufort, Imperio, Jacquie et France, Kim Fung, Kumamoto, L’Express, Lawrence, Marconi, Momesso’s, Pizza Nino, Olive & Citron (RIP), Bistro Otto, Oui Mango, Ouzeri, Pasta a GoGo, Pastel, Pigor, Piquillo (RIP), Souvlaki & Cie, Pizza Tifosi, Tran Cantine, Le Valois, Vinvinvin, Wilensky’s, Le XIV XIV (RIP) and Falafel Yoni.

Some of the better cocktails, beer and wine that I had in 2019 were at the following establishments: 132 Vintage, Barfly, Brutopia, Le Boudoir, Maison Boulud, Cicchetti, Coldroom, Cyr, Darling, El Pequeno, Funk Populaire, Harricana, Majestique, North Star, Oregon, Queen & Beaver, Reservoir, Le Royal, Terrasse Saint Ambroise and Stilllife.

All of which is a very long winded means of informng you that my latest Montreal Restaurant List is available here, or if you prefer, in the upper left hand corner.

Zeke’s Montreal Restaurant List June 2019


I need to start taking things more seriously. One year between posts is unacceptable. That being said, I have been somewhat busy with some things that could be called more important. But whatever.

Chasse Galerie, Elena, Fortune, Joiea Sociale, Marconi, Miel, Pamika, and Restaurant So all made it to the Worth Going Back side of the list.

But Le XVI XVI, CQ Montagne, Helicoptere, Clairon, Confetti, Pastel, Le Diplomate, Da Marco, Bloomfield, Imperio, Kumamoto and Monarque also made it to the Worth Going Back Side but weren’t on the To Try side last year.

As usual, Zeke’s Montreal Restaurant List can be found in the upper left hand corner and by clicking here.